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  • Intercomp SW Deluxe Portable Vehicle Scales (43684, 43686)

    High visibility Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
    Individual wheel weight, percentage of total weight on each wheel, LR and RF total weight plus percentage; RR and LF total weight plus percentages at the same time; plus all other possible combinations
    Storage of up to 100 complete setups including vehicle type and I/O number
    Built-in self-diagnostics
    Push-button zero
    Push button night-light
    Automatic turn off to extend battery life
    Low battery indicator
    Internal memory that recalls data of last vehicle weighed when unit is turned on
    Rugged, protective waterproof carrying case
    Each system consists of four weigh pads, cables, control box (with case), battery recharger, and instruction manual

  • Intercomp SWII Potable Vehicle Scales (43688, 43689)

    Display that shows any combination of wheel weights or percentages of weight: left side, wedge, etc.
    Easy to use automatic zero and keypad calibration
    High accuracy and repeatability
    Full 1-year warranty
    Units of measure: lb/kg
    Lightweight, low-profile weigh pads, 15" L x 157#34; W x 4" H
    Weigh pads have leveling feet and handles
    Large Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
    Powered by six AA batteries

  • Intercomp PT300/PT300DW Wheel Load Scale (43661, 43662, 43663, 43664, 43665, 43666, 43667, 43668)

    20 mA current loop data interface
    Operates on six 1.2 Volt NiCad (standard) or alkaline batteries
    Battery life: Approximately 1500 charge/discharge cycles
    Battery duration between charges: Approximately 8 hours of continuous use before the scale shuts itself off. (These numbers are lowered by the use of the lamps or active current loop transmission.)
    Charging voltage: 11.5 Volts - 14.5 Volts DC. Protection is provided for accidental reversal of the charging connections
    Charging current starts at 300mA and drops down to 50mA after eight hours
    Charging time: Eight hours if the batteries are discharged to the point of turning off the scale

  • Intercomp PT300/PT300DW Wheel Load Scale (43661, 43662, 43663, 43664, 43665, 43666, 43667, 43668)

    • Equipped with radio module to talk to optional RFX indicator
    • Self contained digital indicator on each scale
    • 1 inch Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with auto backlight
    • 125 hours of continuous use with 4 size AA NiCad batteries
    • lb/kg selectable
    • Transmits weight to another scale for totalizing individual axles (wirelessly to optional RFX hand held or traditionally with optional interconnect cables)
    • Configurable RS-232, RS-485 or 20 mA passive current loop