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When every ounce Counts!

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Capacities (per module): 1 kN-20kN (225-4500 lb/102.1-2039.43 kg)
Clevis mounts with nylon insulating washers
Teflon®-lined rod end ball joints
Load cell is completely isolated from stray currents
Grounding strap provides alternative path to ground
Lower overall height compared to other isolated tension assemblies
2-year limited warranty
Complete Kit Includes
3 or 4 ITCM assemblies with UB1/UB6 FLINTEC Stainless Steel, Hermetically-sealed S-Beam load cells
1 JB4SS NEMA 4X stainless steel signal trim junction box
25' of Hostile Environment EL147HE SURVIVOR® load cell cable
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Item Description

N/A Mount ASSY, Survivor ITCMH E 20 KN (4500 lb) 3/4-10NC SST Includes Flintec UB1HE 20KN Load Cell


N/A Rice Lake


N/A 4500 lb