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When every ounce Counts!

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  • DIGI DC-782 Series Portable Counting Scales (108248, 108249, 108250, 108251)

    Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with yellow backlight
    RS-232 output to PC
    10 preset keys for product ID
    25 item memory
    Internal resolution of 1/500000
    Buzzer - low, ok, high
    Batteries not included

  • DIGI DC-788 Series Counting Scales (88929, 88930, 88931, 88932)

    Counting resolution of 1/1000000, Auto recomputing function, Negative sampling and counting (count out of a full container), Vivid, bright red LCD display, Simultaneously weight display, unit weight, tare, and quantity, Net/gross weight display, Lb/kg weight display conversion, Full-duplex RS-232 output to PC or printer, AC or rechargeable battery operation (battery optional), Choice of unit weight per thousand or average piece weight, Remote scale capability

  • DIGI DMC-782 Series Portable Coin Counting Scales (113317, 113318, 113319)

    Internal resolution of 1/500000
    Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with yellow backlight
    Display indicates weight, denomination and dollar amount
    Programmable denomination of unit weight (five-digit)
    18 preset keys for coin or token quick keys
    Values preset and labeled: penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and silver dollar
    Reverse sampling and coin counting capability
    Total amount calculation (six-digit)
    Stored tare weight
    One-touch tare entry
    Accumulate or subtract values
    Toggle display between count and money
    RS-232 output to PC
    Large platter size 12 x 8.9 inch

    Rechargeable battery up to 300 hours of continuous use (no backlight) with charge time of 12 to 14 hours
    Hard-cover carrying case