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  • iDimension 200 Series 3D Imaging Systems

    Dimensions parcels in less than 2/10th of second at 0.2 in NTEP Certified accuracy
    Requires virtually no special alignment or special handling while placing an object under the work area
    Converts irregular shapes like cylinders, spheres, tubes, polybags and uneven shapes to 0.5 in NTEP Certified cubed dimensions
    Dimensions flats, less than 1.2 in height, with the use of a scale connected directly to the iDimension
    Automatic or manual operating modes:
    Automatic operating mode allows you to move the parcel under the work area without the press of a button
    Manual operating mode is for use with custom or 3rd party software that can be triggered by a bar code scanner or software function key
    Interfaces with most NTEP Certified shipping scales and select Rice Lake indicators
    Enable the high resolution camera to:
    Convert 1d bar codes into a text format and make it available through the iDimension API status within a defined work area directly under the scanner head
    Provide an image to be used for use with 3rd party OCR software
    Connect to a PC and communicate directly over the network via static IP or DCHP. Use our open web service interface to take advantage of additional built in features like a low resolution image of each dimension performed, weight and more.
    Quick assembly: Includes all necessary tools and components for calibration
    Contact the factory for an up-to-date listing of 3rd party shipping and inventory management systems compatible with the iDimension

  • iDimension 300 Series 3D Imaging Systems
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