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Unit of Measure


Scale Type

N/A Conveyor Scale

Dimension (W x L) at 40 to 200 lb Capacity

N/A 12 x 24 in18 x 36 in18 x 48 in24 x 36 in24 x 48 in30 x 60 in

Container Types

N/A Bags Blister Packs Boxes Clam Shells Cups Display Packs Pouches Trays Tubs
Container Weight1 N/A Up to 200 lb


N/A Up to 240 ft/min

Construction Material

N/A Aluminum Non-food Grade Stainless Steel Food Grade Stainless Steel Non-food Grade



  • Four levels of security
  • Real time statistical information
  • Product report
  • Statistical report
  • Parameter report
  • User report
  • Store up to 1,000 different products
  • Five zone classification



  • Square tube construction (SST or Aluminum)
  • 32 inch height from top of belt with ±2.5 inch of adjustment
  • Modular belting
  • Drive on right hand side of belt (looking down belt flow)
  • Control panel mounted on left hand side of belt (looking down belt flow)

Control Panel


  • Power disconnect with lock-out-tag-out
  • E-stop
  • VFD (variable frequency drive)
  • Motor overloads

  • 1 Resolution down to 0.01 lb/5 grams, or better (dependent on scale capacity)