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When every ounce Counts!

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  • Adult child weighing mode allows the child to be accurately weighed while safely being held by an adult.
  • Tap to turn on, auto power off ensures long battery life.
  • Four "AA" batteries (included) and universal AC adapter (included).
  • Lg/kg switch on bottom of scale.
  • Master ON/OFF power toggle switch on bottom of scale to keep scale fromturning on accidentally during transportation.
  • Transport carry case (optional).
Unit of Measure



N/A D400


N/A 0 to 100 lb x 2 oz 100 to 400 lb x 4 oz 0 to 50 x 0.05 kg50 to 200 x 0.1 kg

Platform Length

N/A 12.68 in322 mm

Platform Width

N/A 12.68 in322 mm

Platform Height

N/A 1.97 in50 mm

Estimated Shipping Weight

N/A 9 lb

Additional Description


  • Medical scale, digital floor model D400 multi-range: 0-100 lb (0-50 kg) x 2 oz (0.05 kg)/100-440 lb (50-200 kg) x 4 oz (0.1 kg) platform dimensions: 12.68 in. (L) x 12.68 in. (W) x 1.97 in. (H) includes 4 AA batteries and AC adaptor kit with 4 multi-jack styles.