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When every ounce Counts!

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Available with 8-character and 12-character display
2.75” high-intensity red character (discrete LED)
Four annunciators for gross, net, lb, kg
Auto Learn mode of communication protocols
Display messages scroll, slide and flash
Hold displayed weight (demand input)
Software selectable stand still mode, no updates while in motion
Software configuration menu
Durable weather-tight enclosure
Adjustable daylight/night intensity
Non-glare contrast filtered lens
Mirror (reverse image) function
RS-232, 20 mA, and RS-485 communications
Auto sensing 115/230 VAC power supply
Porous polyethylene breather vent
Unit of Measure


Item Description

N/A Display, Remote 8 Digit 2.5 Inch LED Survivor LaserLight 115/230 VAC Mild Steel Painted Enclosure


N/A Rice Lake