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Six high-intensity red digits (double-row discrete LED)
Red, green and arrow lights in stop/go version Auto Learn mode of communication protocols
Hold displayed weight (demand input)
Software selectable stand still mode, no updates while in motion
Software configuration menu
Durable weather-tight IP66 enclosure
Adjustable daylight/night intensity
Non-glare contrast filtered lens
Mirror (reverse image) function
RS-232, 20 mA, and RS-485 communications
Auto sensing 115/230 VAC power supply
PEMs for VESA flat-wall mount or side-mounting flange
Porous polyethylene breather vent inhibits moisture builup
Unit of Measure


Item Description

N/A Display, Remote 4 inch LED Digit Survivor LaserLight 115/230 VAC Mild Steel Painted Enclosure


N/A Rice Lake