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When every ounce Counts!

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Single database
PC-based communications database
Unlimited number of inventory items
Monitor positive and negative inventory transactions
Maintains perpetual balance of inventory
Fast response time (even with multiple scales attached)
Includes ID code, alternate part number, alternate part number 2, part name, lot number, inventory on hand, location, threshold, lead time, STD batch/pack quantity, cost, total value, customer, supplier, date entered, last date accessed, unit weight/1000, tare weight, user fields 1-5, picture of part
Reports include supplier, customer report, long part report, short part report
Custom report designer
Files easily transferred to PC-based database applications
Includes field for bitmap picture or drawing of part
Can use serial or Ethernet connectivity
Includes import, export, backup, and restore capabilities for database, Requires thin client server or WI-Box Ethernet (or similar product) option for each scale
Unit of Measure


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