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Capacities (per module): 1125-22,500 lb (1 kN-102.1 kg-100 kN/10, 205.9)
NTEP-certified load cells
Unique design allows for thermal expansion/contraction
Jacking screw allows empty vessel to be lifted clear of load cell for maintenance
Unique blind load cell hole eliminates unwanted side and eccentric loads
Vessel is free to slide laterally on PTFE-coated surfaces
Load cell outputs are matched to ±.07% allowing replacement without further calibration

Complete Kit Includes:
1 JB4SS NEMA 4X stainless steel excitation trim junction box
1 fixed-pin module, 1 side-stop module, and 1 or 2 free-sliding assembly
Flintec SB5 NTEP-certified 1:5000d, Class III, stainless steel environmentally-protected load cell
25' of our hostile environment EL147HE SURVIVOR® load cell cable
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Item Description

N/A Paramount's® EP, NTEP 4-Module Kit, 4500 lb (20 kN/2041.2 kg)


N/A Rice Lake


N/A 4500 lb per module