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When every ounce Counts!

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  • Locking screw knob on poise
  • Slotted cast iron counterpoise weights, marked to scale capacity
  • Heavy-duty wheels for portability
  • Weights and hanger
  • Nickel plated steel beam with engraved brass insert
Unit of Measure



N/A Avoirdupois Beam, NTEP Certified


N/A 1000 lb

Platform Length

N/A 24 in2 ft

Platform Width

N/A 18 in1.5 ft

Estimated Shipping Weight

N/A 200 lb


N/A NTEP Approved

Construction Material

N/A Cast Iron

Available Capacity

N/A 1000 lb

Beam Material

N/A Steel with engraved brass insert

Beam Finish

N/A Nickel plated

Wheel Type

N/A Heavy-Duty