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Web browser-based iQUBE cell status, Configurable display options, Virtual front panel consists of display and five button keypad, Up to eight digital I/O (provided by iQUBE), Primary/secondary units configuration (lb, kg, short tons, metric tons, none), RS-232 communications at up to 57.6 Kbps, Electronic data processing (EDP) port over RS-232 and TCP/IP, Printer port for output-only, simplex communications, Two print formats, Provides for iQUBE configuration, Supports iQUBE diagnostics with configurable error reporting, Peak weight history, Recalibration notification, Provides local and remote reporting of diagnostics and error conditions, NTEP Certified for Classes III and IIIL at 10000 divisions, Concentrated load capacity (CLC), Section capacity
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108435 N/A Software Pkg, Virtui2 CD Rev
86762 N/A Software Pkg, VIRTUi CD Rev
108436 N/A Activation Code, Virtui2 Software
85107 N/A Activation Code, VIRTUi Software
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