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Input scale or instrument data directly into Excel, Access, statistical software, LIMS, MMIs, any Windows® application
Transfers RS-232 data quickly, accurately, and formatted to your exact specifications
Powerful DDE options for collecting data from multiple devices simultaneously
Extremely easy to set-up and use 32 Pro, TCP/Wedge additional features:
Support for even the most complex devices and serial I/O with advanced data parsing, filtering, formatting and translation
Support for TCP/IP as well as RS-232 data collection and I/O
More advanced device control options
Additional features such as math functions and virtual instrument mode
Five RS-232 and TCP/IP communications software products provided free of charge
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75351 N/A Software, WinWedge 32 Std TAL
72304 N/A Software, WinWedge 32 Pro TCP/Wedge and WinWedge, CD
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