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Label View Pro:
True Type fonts easily added
Supports color PCX, BMP, TIFF, JPEG, GIF and TGA graphical formats
Generate serial numbers
Date and time stamps
Paragraph feature
Database merge
Print over 25 bar codes for virtually any industry
Password security
Use data from any ODBC data format including Access™, Excel™, Lotus™ and ASCII
Open label preview
Preview pictures
Database editor
Batch printing Label View Gold has all the above features, plus:
Third–party integration using DDE, Command file, Data watch and Dogwatch
Audit reporting
Scale can be connected through Command File
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43900 N/A Software, Label view Pro for Windows Version 8.0 CD Rom Parallel Key Teklynx
93062 N/A Software, Label view Pro USB Security Key 8.0 Version for Windows Teklynx
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