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All stainless steel construction
Welded seal, stainless steel load cells, IP67, guaranteed waterproof
NTEP-certified load cells, 5000d, Class IIIL/10000d, Class IIIL Multiple Cell
Bolt-in-place design, module bolts directly to tank leg without requiring additional load buttons or mounting plates
Self-checking design with lift-off/tip-over protection
2-year limited warranty

Complete Kit Includes:
1 JB4SS NEMA Type 4X stainless steel signal-trim junction box
3 or 4 RL2100 HE stainless steel compression mounts
3 or 4 RL75060S stainless steel, welded seal double-ended beam load cells
25ft of our hostile environment EL147HE SURVIVOR® load cell cable
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32970 N/A Mount Kit, 2100HE 3ea 20000lb SST HS Compression Incl Rl75060-N5-20k and JB4SS N/A 20000 lb per module
65984 N/A Mount Kit, 2100HE 3 EA 25000LB SST WS Compression Incl RL75060S-N5-25K and JB4SS N/A 25000 lb per module
32969 N/A Mount Kit, 2100HE 3ea 35000lb SST HS Compression Incl RL75060-N5-35k and JB4SS N/A 35000 lb per module
32968 N/A Mount Kit, 2100HE 3ea 50000lb SST HS Compression Incl RL75060S-N5-50k and JB4SS N/A 50000 lb per module
32967 N/A Mount Kit, 2100HE 3ea 60000lb SST HS Compression Incl RL75060S-N5-60k and JB4SS N/A 60000 lb per module
32966 N/A Mount Kit, 2100HE 3ea 75000lb SST HS Compression Incl RL75060S-N5-75k and JB4SS N/A 75000 lb per module
32965 N/A Mount Kit, 2100HE 3ea 100000lb SST HS Compression Incl RL75060S-N5-100k and JB4SS N/A 100000 lb per module
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