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Field-proven, manual flip-up cover
Opens wide for excellent access
Easy to clean
Standard version with glass panels
Version with metal panels to meet FDA/HACCP regulations
Equipped with two powerful metal tubular-shaped heating elements (providing 360 Watts of power)
Rugged double level system
1-mg resolution and 35 g weighing capacity
Optimized for use in high temperature ranges
Concise display
Icon-driven user interface
Elimination of program selection menu
Reduction of seldom-used programming options
Fully automatic mode; sample is dried until weight is constant
Time-controlled; 0.1-99 minutes
Manual shutoff by user
Printout generated by an external printer
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93429 N/A Balance, Sartorius MA35M- 000115V1, Moisture Analyzer, 35 x 0.001 g, 120 VAC N/A 35 g x 0.001 g N/A 3.5 in
70544 N/A Balance, Sartorius MA100C- 000115V1, Moisture Analyzer, 100 x 0.0001 g, Ceramic, 120 VAC N/A 100 g x 0.0001 g N/A 3.5 in
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