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Print method: direct thermal
Construction: impact-modified polycarbonate with fused oil-and abrasion-resistant rubber overmold (six-foot drop protection)
Smart battery management (monitors battery for longer life and performance)
4 button angled LCD (standard)
Resistant scalable fonts
Media sensors: bar, gap
Advanced 32 bit architecture for high-speed processing
Standard serial and USB interfaces
Programming language: native CPCL, ZPL, EPL and XML support (standard)
Auto-detect firmware load
Print speed 3 ips
Magnetic stripe reader and EMVTM level one certified smart card reader
Lithium ion fast AC charger
Lithium ion quad charger
Lithium ion DC charger with cigarette lighter adapter
Fanfold bin
Vehicle cradle for docking and charging
Ram mount kit
Shoulder strap/hand strap
Environmental soft case
Fanfold media support
Wireless security support (i.e. 802.11i, VNP, WPA or WPA2)
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105143 N/A Printer, Mobile RW-220 2 IN Wide, Lithium Ion Battery, Serial/USB
105144 N/A Printer, Mobile RW-420 DT 4 IN Wide, Lithium Ion Battery, Serial/USB
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